Work 259, Alien watch 1

Alien Watch 1
c. Michael St.Mark 2006

The Rt.Honourable John Hutton MP ( Analogue TV screen image in digital manipulation )
Secretary of State for Work & Pensions

Television image, 29/10/06

Agenda items

1) The head is clear because the heart is closed.

2) Human evolution on other planets is different.

3) Mass transmigration of millions of these souls from other planets in the universe to earth is now evident.
( Majority of corporate business & media excecutives and MPs  etc )

4) Emotional disablement.

5) Highly intelligent/efficient in a small field.

6) Perfectly intact ego-self almost untinged by compassion towards others which they are incapable of fully feeling.

7) Dangerous to others and to the planet because of absence of genuine philanthropy – merely a convincing pretense; masking essentially self-serving motivation.

So. Why are the aliens coming here?  – “they say ” to learn something not possible on their native worlds – balance of head & heart.


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