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Have a cyber wander over the pond to ponder the wondres of a Dada/absurdist plot to topple the world’s governments. DADA YOW ! our bombastic DaAaistic brothers Stateside.
A labyrinthine juxtaposition of all manner of mashed-up sanity and lunacy.

justynn tyme portrait primary colours
Portrait primary colours.
Copyright Justynn Tyme.
Dada yow elsewhere Experience by Charles c. Goff III
Elsewhere Experience 12
c. Charles C. Goff III

13 thoughts on “DADA YOW !, posted by

    • North London, unfortunately RG – though I venture to wild spaces areas in Scotland two or three times a year to preserve my sanity – or what’s left of it after 15 years on & off here 🙂

      I sometimes even bring back some Dada ( see Land of the Cat Killers series & Dada village on Tags)


      • I lived in Shepard Brush for about 5 years in the 70/80’s i left for Scotland to preserve my sanity.

        To only lose it losing in 2000!! Thank you Tony Blair (not) -:)

        Why unfortunatly! don’t you enjoy life in London?


      • Lets get the words in the correct order sorry Mike -:))

        I lived in Shepard Brush for about 5 years in the 70/80’s i left for Scotland to preserve my sanity.

        To only to lose it in 2000!! Thank you Tony Blair (not) -:)

        Why unfortunatly! don’t you enjoy life in London?


      • It’s a great city but it’s choked with traffic and strange people from other lands. They used to say “tired of London tired of life”. That was very true, but now it’s “tired of London tired of stress”
        M25 was jammed up solid with 20 miles of Qs this morning, as is the road past my flat tonight. Just can’t move or breathe ( air quality like smoking 5 ciggs a day ( see Summer in the City post on ).
        You know what most of these folk stuck in endless traffic day after day are thinking don’t you?
        Yeah, the E word. ( or Scotland, winters and all appears better than this craziness. Vorty’ll tell you the same. A fantastic writer and a great guy.)


      • “tired of London tired of life” thats very true Mike, I love living in the counrty, especially in the Autumn, nature at her most beautiful! With cyrstal clear air and lots of cows, horses and sheep, wonderful creatures.

        But I do miss at times being able to just pop out to lose my self in the art galleries and theatre land.

        Indeed, it’s human nature to think, positive thoughts feeds the soul, releases the negative energy, manifesting change.

        constant stress blocks the bodies energy centers, creating physical symptoms, draining the body of creativity. Thus, the circle repeats until the soul is lost in the black void.

        But i’m sure you will already be aware of this!!

        have read some of Vorty thoughts, v. inspiring.

        Dada art, comforts the soul, if that makes sense to you? but then i’m just amateur enjoying being educated.

        So how do you use your traffic waiting time?


      • The art establishment/big galleries wont take anyone’s work which is free range. And I won’t compromize my stance on what real art is.

        We’ve sold a half dozen works direct off the London Dada site here & I’ve had work exhibited at galleries such as Lauderdale House in Hampstead and at the Photographers’s Gallery in the West End & etcs. But the major galleries won’t take anything they consider risque for fear of offending the big chiefs ( see “Scum Floats to the Top” post in Tags on the right of the page).

        It’s like trying to get an uncomfortable truth put out onto television. ( see recent 9/11 conspiracy posts on ) There’s too many jobsworths afraid to lose their careers by offending the corrupt power- broking aliens at the top.

        So it goes, we’re here in cyber space for the time being, until we get some direct art action up and going and the website is completed. Hard to think of anything that will shock without getting arrested as a potential terrorist nowadays. It has to be done subtely and very carefully planned to max effect and publicity. but we have tons and tons of creative TNT.

        The gentleman charged with this is a certain Mr Art Axis 🙂


      • Oh yeah, read the same as regards literature. I had some interest in Fear and Loathing in London as a breakdown book of short stories by internet publishers Friday something but when the boss was consulted, interest disappeared. Same thing Cathead.
        I had a book of poetry called Life Sentences published in the nineties, but poems don’t ££count££.


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