NEW DADA Work 270, Promiscubus

c. 2007 Michael St.Mark

A 12″ X 16″ unique print of this 1670KB digital image on Archival photographic paper, signed by the artist & with full legal documentation of ownership is available.
See New Dada sales info in Tags, or PM to MSt.M.

14 thoughts on “NEW DADA Work 270, Promiscubus

  1. :)):)):)):))

    HA! Mike i missed this bus!
    How could i?!!!

    It’s brilliant, you really have an eye for… how shall i say 🙄 .. :)) LOL ..well, for funny thingies 😉
    Love this photo, and the meanning you/we take from it :))
    Huggzzzz2U Mkey,
    Ciao, have a great day :wave:


      • Yes i see 🙂
        I have it? OH thank you very much 🙂
        IF??? And why not???? 🙄 Well, its promised next time i go London we have our walk or coffee isn’t it? Last year was a madness4me while there!..i even don’t want to remember!
        …at the time my mum, last year had her apart. in Sloane Street, Kensinghton, you know it? There i was :)) But she sold it and is living near it anyway.
        Weare in touch 😉


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