3 thoughts on “NEW DADA Work 271, Eventual 21C. Society

    • Thanking you Kiki, sorry have been rather busy of late to blog very much. Will look you up later.
      Thanks for the comment, the pic is about as cities are becoming more densely populated the people are becoming more independent and losing sense of society – but also isolated and putting up more defences against one another ( the spikes on the trees ), the more they become packed in together.

      Happy new year to you kiki, in sunny Portugal : )


      • Thanks Mike, is sunny but very cold today..bbrrrrr… 1+d. this early morning!
        Happy 2007 for you too Mike 😀
        Yes, that’s what i thought when i looked the pic., and then when we watch people in streets they seem all similar/equal, in a routine way, with everybody rushing to somewhere.
        You found the right title to that photo,
        Have a great day Mike,


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