14 thoughts on “NEW DADA Work 272.

  1. Hertfordshire eh, why not come to Northamptonshire old love we could do with some intelligent witty people up here you know, I saw a girl sunbathing in a local park quite topless earlier in the year the only thing is I hadn’t got me camera on me so can’t verify it but she was wonderously endowed in the frontage department, I hope the move doesn’t dull the senses Mike the world would be full of Mauveness if you were to lose your sparkle.
    Regards, Bradders


    • TVM Bradders, you are one of the few bloggers who keep us all going, that’s for sure.
      Not like you to pass a bathing beauty by and not go home for your camera is it?
      I’ll have my pro status back shortly, no thanks to Paypal or Nat West ( NitWits more like ) so hoping to sally forth with a re-vamped Bloggers Arms the odd evening.
      Also it’s been a bit disheartening not being able to post me piccies on me blogs.

      I trust this meets you with your head above water in sunny Northamptonshire and that your lorry journeys of late up n’ down this fair land didn’t turn into rock & roll boat trips.


      • Thank you very much, you’re one of the great bloggers Mike, I’ve lost my sparkle in the politics department but I hope I’m still amusing from time to time, will drop by the bloggers arms when it’s open and look forward to sharing a wee dram with you.
        Regards, Bradders


  2. :)):)):))
    AAAAAH catched UUUUU Mikey :)):)):))
    U like to have an eye on them when in parks having sun-baths :))
    Now, here..well i can imagine you :)) in my beaches you wouldn’t know where to look as all around you would be girls/women in those tiny brazilian beach bikinis as we use around here :))
    I never did sun-bath in London parks,amazing! But you’re giving me ideas :yes: !
    Next time i go UK i’l have sun-baths at Hyde-Park..must be at Summer time,not with bbbrrrrrrrrrr!


      • ‘Fraid not RG -the big L just as loathsome as ever ( check with Vort1gern on that of course).
        So I’m moving out beyond the M25 sheep pen fence soon, to where the custard stops and the pastures less parched.

        The photo was taken on Hampstead Heath last summer.
        On behalf of all frustrated gentlemen – and god there’s plenty of us – I just sighed and walked on with a slight limp 😉


      • I read his blog from time to time. Interesting!

        where the custard stops ?????? never heard that term of phase before. not sure what it means -:))


      • Yes RG, vorty’s the genius amongst us;

        Kenny Everet wrote a book in the 1980s called ” The custard stops at Hatfield”, meaning you have to travel about 20 miles outside London before the airborn gunge thins out and you can get a lungfull of fresh. Nowadays its more like 30 miles.

        I’m not moving to Hatfield exactly, but Hertfordshire nevertheless.

        But I’ll keep the Fear and Loathing in London trips down memory lane going, hopefully.

        I trust things are well in sunny Scotland RG.


      • thanks for lighting up the darkness for me Mike -:)) -:))

        The weather is very erractic at the mo, one day at a time -:)

        How’s the world treating you MM?

        Take Care


  3. Hello St.Mark – I trust that all is well.

    I have spent the past week reinventing myself as Easter Europe’s first Beck tribute artist.

    “I’ve got a wigwam on each hand,
    Like a ship on some A4 paper.
    Got a gin and tonic tied to the moon,
    Energetic trampoline, sugar and stapler.”


    • All is better thank you, Hektor sire.

      A rare artifact indeed, when the tribute exceeds the tributee.

      Extremely fitting poem for a Dada pageant, young man. There be entire universes within thine craftily crafted words!

      Hope all is well and bright avec le Marek sprog.


      • All is jolly with young Marek, St.Mark. He is a fine example of babyhood.

        I assume you have some plans to commemorate the economic summit in Dadavos?


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