Dada Affiliates Stateside

Justyn Tyme, our sublimely ridiculously super sane Dadaesque contact in the good ol’ is incorporating some 691 New Dada artists on the DaDa cyber network across the pond. There’s some darned good entertainment to be had with these images, so do have a look in.

Not yer average night in, this.. .

NB. 8/9/07 New Dada Works posts to re-start shortly after a long pause, due to other commitments and thanks to blinding incompetence from Paypal and Nut West Bank.

3 thoughts on “Dada Affiliates Stateside

  1. Hi Mikey, how are you?
    Hope all fine with you; sure i’l see all, and i’l cmt. some for sure, by now i cmt about that pic. titled the “twisted tooth paste” :)) make me laugh bcz see? Is a Dada’s foto! And i do it almost everyday just never photographed it!..Hmm Now on i’l have my eyes very well OPEN, wide open as you say :yes:
    Have a nice nightynight Mike,


    • I thank you kind Hektor; I have verily been takenspoonly upupon our lunar planetory neighbour of late.

      Soon be’eth the tyme to return to the planet of the ignore ‘ant.

      Oh bliss!

      I do hope things are progressing nicely upon planet sprog!

      Mind yon well groomed tie BTW!!!

      M St.M


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