Dada Super Spam Prose


locale inoperable commandeer clement

metier insolvent betray metier sanskrit hydrostatic contractual

humus yellowish hydrostatic jolt housefly steen normandy gallonage clement

coriolanus nosebleed
gallonage steen astound steen commandeer achieve

normandy countrify gallonage commandeer paulson capitulate
commandeer humus sleepwalk

equitable gallonage nosebleed lyons westernmost nylon doggone astound
nosebleed constrict coriolanus normandy normandy clement insolvent melancholy insolvent

housefly coriolanus pedestal widespread angstrom pedestal

Pretty amazing stuff arriving through the cyber ether into the New Dada email intray just at present…as they say, Who Writes This Stuff?

Come join us by all means.
.. Oh, and another Dada pearl just in..

takeover compile psychopath authenticate meteorite attorney evanston
siam aeneas nicodemus near quadrangular

dorcas near worn liverpudlian
kitten sparta takeover rapport quadrangular
gallery near arouse
isotopic isotopic

scold aeneas angola psychopath breakage thunderflower cornmeal

evanston takeover curbside kitten race aeneas roadster prima breakage takeover
evanston authenticate breakage evanston psychopath hogging

Oh please I beg you, no more..

venture stole venture homology
stole surmount jones

plugboard diffeomorphic eire lofty
diffeomorphic obduracy
juno considerate loosen

courage winnipeg winnipeg fifteenth obduracy quillwort stole diffeomorphic infringe
bridesmaid em mt wiseacre lofty fanny trollop venture

* * * * *

” plugboard diffeomorphic…”

“.. lofty fanny trollop venture . . .” ?!
The mind bloggles!

nightmareish dreams surely beckon..

* * * * *
… on and on it goes…

psychoanalysis hypnotic sixteen fifteenth
niagara wiseacre considerate superintendent phoebe salish judicious taffeta plugboard wiseacre
helpful em
courage blocky judicious fifteenth

phoebe loosen stole venture considerate obduracy considerate
em taffeta venture juno blocky plugboard psychoanalysis niagara
hypnotic jones

wiseacre wiseacre airpark considerate sulfuric
obduracy bridesmaid wiseacre paradigmatic psychoanalysis fifteenth strawberry taffeta phoebe

Hmm, ” fifteenth strawberry taffeta Phoebe” quite appeals, Mr Spamgod.


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