New Dada works 466/467 Bend It Like Blatter / Blatter Bent / Three Bent Blatters

Bend it like Blatter / Blatter Bent II
c. Michael St. Mark 2011

First in new series where deserving cases get (very artistically) scrunched by Michael St.Mark.
” Scrunch portraiture” .. invented by the artist in 2007, an infinitely flexible method of altering hard copy photo portraits into manyfold bizarre and fanciful expressions, acutely responsive to the artist’s inner sensibilities.


.Work 467

Three Bent Blatters
Three Bent Blatters
c. Michael St.Mark 2011

For sale – enquire @

NEW Southern Cross and an NHS wakeup call. Fresh post over at Cheeky Stoat;

4 thoughts on “New Dada works 466/467 Bend It Like Blatter / Blatter Bent / Three Bent Blatters

  1. Someone should start a football world championship in which countries can choose to compete. FIFA are just an independent body after all, they do not actually own the game of football.


    • Aye hal, we do well to remember that, the hundreds of millions of supporters ’round the world who go to the matches/buy the merchandise etc ..own the game.
      I guess Blatter will probably self-destruct in the end anyway if the allegations against him are backed by evidence & keep building.
      Everyone who voted for him knows he’s the FIFA top dog crook, but were protecting their own career backs. Pathetic situation I know, but that seems to be corporate life on planet earth today.


  2. Excellent! How bent is Blatter eh, he’s unbelievable. I’m surprised that the FA weren’t able to stop the election of the president, although i shouldn’t be as corruption seems to be everywhere these days. How can an election with only one candidate be legal? It all seems to be down to money in the end, how much will it take to buy someone off, there’s always a price.


    • Yes Anne, forget talent or ethics, its almost all down to bungs and to nepotism.
      That’s why the media is so incredibly boring nowadays ( restricted talent pool ) and on its way to death by low ratings by being bypassed by Internet expressions where flair and talent can freely blossom … and why big old creaking establishments with bent dictators like grandad Blatt pathetically clinging on are dinosaurs way past their sell-by date, inexorably on the way out.


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