3 thoughts on “Work 468; ‘The Best Medicine’

  1. aye, no doubt he has just come out of the fag shop next door. He has probably just stocked up on his weekend supply of ‘coffin nails’, wonder where he gets the dosh from as he looks like he hasn’t got ‘two pennies to rub together’. He’s on the downward slope as the walking stick could indicate his leg arteries are blocked already, come back in a year and the next photo could show him in a wheelchair!


  2. Laughter is definately the best medicine and there looks like plenty to laugh about in that shop! There isn’t much to smile about in this country at the moment never mind laugh so a few good joke books would go down a treat! 😀


    • Looks like he needs it, what with the fagged-out physique and carrier pregnant with what looks like multi packs of Dunghill International.
      ” … choking smokers don’t you think the joker laughs at you, hoh hoh hoh he he he ha ha ha ..”


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