691 London Dada, work 509; The Irrepressible.


The Irrepressible / No-one kills the Beast
c. Art Axis 2008


Gents toilet trap, M6 Moto services, Burton-in-Kendal.
Cubicle partition drill-poof steel plate purpose defeated ( top right, peekaboo hole tissue- blocked )


13 thoughts on “691 London Dada, work 509; The Irrepressible.

  1. reminds me of old school desks with a history of pupils scratched on the surface. And my old kitchen table which I scratched mine and (now) hubby’s name into whilst pissed, he was unimpressed and had it french polished out – the spoilsport! I’d love to get friends to scratch names/messages into a table at a dinner party 😀


  2. It just goes to show that no matter what material is used on the walls someone will always manage to ‘write’ on it 😀

    Not sure if this piece of graffiti will command as much as a ‘Banksy’ but it’s entertaining nevertheless!


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