Work No 747: Shouting Match

Shouting Match / The Human Condition VIII
  c. Art Axis 2015

Retouched painted-over graffiti wall, Golders Hill Park; NW11
“Graffiti doesn’t always have to be immediately obvious to make an impact ” – AA

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shouting match

Ring any bells? ( Jim Murphy laughs off protester Sean Clerkin’s verbal assault, May 2015 )
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Work No. 714: Chihuahua Matador – bullfight in the park.

matador in the paekBHP
Chihuahua Matador – bullfight in the park
c. Art Axis 2014

Four-tone graffiti roller brush graffiti overpaint by Art Axis.
Golders Hill Park NW3

Riddle you this; who’s the mega famous yet totally unknown graffiti artist behind the camera?
– and at this very moment working on a new disguise.

( cropped image, reduced file size )

.. to be continued..


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London Dada Work No. 624; Tate Britain Turner Prize Toilet Installation -a Judge’s Choice

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Turner Prize 2013 – a London Dada early bird entry.
Tate Britain Toilet Installation no 1
– a Judge’s Choice.
c. Art Axis

We welcome AA back into the fray with our radical early bird ( Dec 2012 ) entry to the Turner Prize 2013.
Featuring lavatory furniture in the form of 4 “fountains” ( each representing a shortlisted entry ) plus one “customer” from within the actual gents public convenience of Tate Britain itself.

* Lightjet print rendered in Holga’ish style, 24″ x 21″ on Ilford Pearl, signed by the Banksy of Dada. (One woldwide)


* NB Update, Nov. 2013  London Dada’s  “earlybird entry” to the 2013 Turner Prize – content hilariously copied by David Shrigley in the TP piss-in-a-bucket talent spirit in which it was offered..


2013 TP held in Derry

London Dada – kickstARTing the 21st C.


⊕ UPDATE 2018; London Dada’s Homage to David Shrigley, © Art Axis

Links to ” A Thieving Dim Bulb in Derry ” Turner Prize 2013


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