2013 Turner Prize – and a thieving dim bulb in Derry


 Work 624
 Tate Britain Toilet Installation no 1 – a Judge’s Choice.
  c. Art Axis 2012
 London Dada’s ‘earlybird entry’ to the 2013 Turner Prize – from 2012
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And one year on, one of the 4 shortlisted 2013 TP entries in Derry, Londonderry
 – David Shrigley’s ludicrous 7′ plastic model male model that alternately winks
and .. wait for it… pisses into a bucket.

Evening Standard review

ks dont be adim bulb
” Don’t be a dim bulb” ( collage)
Kurt Schwitters, 1947


* UPDATE 2018








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7 thoughts on “2013 Turner Prize – and a thieving dim bulb in Derry

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  2. Well I for one won’t be rushing over to Londonderry to view this so called ‘art’.

    I could, if I wanted, see this sort of thing actually in the flesh any weekend of the year in Grimtown where I live. Guys are in abundance winking [yes I did say winking] and pissing on street corners or up alleys all around the region known as ‘the Gazza Strip’.

    Ok they may not be 7ft dolls but the majority are dummies!

    Modern art?—–no thanks!


    • Ah yes, beloved Grimtown; where even the brass monkeys go indoors lol.

      An artist’s mentality is manifest through his/her works, in this case it’s ‘up there’ with the majority of ‘day centre art’ – that’s to say, mental.

      My guess is this is the wild card thrown in to get the media’s ears pricked up a bit if you ptp – in reality it has no chance of winning, especially now as it’s based on and associated with a predictive Dada precursor work on the same taking the urine theme, something virtually guaranteed to scare off any TP judge who values their little rat’s arse of a little dont-upset-the-apple cart / gravy train career.

      So tough dada titty, guess, DS!


    • A great toy for Xmas d’you reckon Roy?
      And I thought the annual TP was an ageist competition event for artists under 50; looks like they’ve reduced the cut-off point this year to the under-fives, in mentality at least.


    • Urinus extractas maximillis indeed, Ian – if that’s Latin lol.
      Yet I kind of feel sorry for the national press and TV arts reviewers who are obliged to hype-up this kind of sludge in order to keep their bum-licking careers on track.
      But hell; a 7ft doll looking fresh out of some cartoon strip, that winks and pisses?
      Got even their crap artist-apologist work cut out there, you can’t help thinking.


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