Work No. 680; Welcome to the Machine

Welcome to the Machine 1
© Michael St.Mark 2013

Kings Cross Underground entrance/exit escalator to the mainline station
In contrast to previous work no. 679.
In line with the seemingly inexorable sterile sanitization and regimentation of
21st C. UK society.


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3 thoughts on “Work No. 680; Welcome to the Machine

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    • Yes well sterile, impersonal and unfeeling was kind of the concept; relating to the system people are now being locked into, involving mass regimentation and conformity through a distinctly Orwellian-like grip on the media by the multinationals and their puppets the politliars.
      Along with the undoubted benefits of the huge advance in technology in the previous 50-100 years has come the suppression of the individual – it’s as if populations are being penned and conditioned to function as little more than unthinking, unpaid galley slaves.

      But if you see it as the Pearly Gates entrance, fair enough!


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