London Dada Work No. 624; Tate Britain Turner Prize Toilet Installation -a Judge’s Choice

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Turner Prize 2013 – a London Dada early bird entry.
Tate Britain Toilet Installation no 1
– a Judge’s Choice.
c. Art Axis

We welcome AA back into the fray with our radical early bird ( Dec 2012 ) entry to the Turner Prize 2013.
Featuring lavatory furniture in the form of 4 “fountains” ( each representing a shortlisted entry ) plus one “customer” from within the actual gents public convenience of Tate Britain itself.

* Lightjet print rendered in Holga’ish style, 24″ x 21″ on Ilford Pearl, signed by the Banksy of Dada. (One woldwide)


* NB Update, Nov. 2013  London Dada’s  “earlybird entry” to the 2013 Turner Prize – content hilariously copied by David Shrigley in the TP piss-in-a-bucket talent spirit in which it was offered..


2013 TP held in Derry

London Dada – kickstARTing the 21st C.


⊕ UPDATE 2018; London Dada’s Homage to David Shrigley, © Art Axis

Links to ” A Thieving Dim Bulb in Derry ” Turner Prize 2013


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Mark Wallinger.

Wallinger; along with Banksy, Whiteread etc, another of Charles Saatchi’s tamed & clipped golden geese.

Will he be giving any of his £25,000 Turner prize to a war charity of Brian Haw’s choice?
Will he use it in any way in appreciation of the source who “inspired” him?

What do you think.

” I’d like to express gratitude to Mark Wallinger for providing us with this wondrous art. Congratulations on your much deserved Turner Prize. I shall certainly be following Mark’s art in future. The bear wandering round a room for ten days is genius. How did you create such a masterpiece? I could probably study art all my life not be able to come up with such a stunning example of art like this. I’m sure some un-enlightend people just see a twat in a bear suit, but those people I say this: Look closely, take your time to feel the art. And maybe you’ll not just see a twat in a bear suit, but a big beautifully artistic, prize-winning twat in a bear suit.” – a public comment.

Undoubtedly more comely in the outfit…

Below.  A perfect example of the art establishment playing politics through its yes men – a neutered and sanitized version of the reality of Brian Haw’s long-suffering attempt to highlight Blair’s and Westminster Labour MPs’ war crimes against humanity.

You may have noticed, if you saw this excuse for an art exhibition at Tate Liverpool, that Haw’s
emotive language against Tony Blair ( PM at the time),  and prominent on his original protest wall,
was all but removed .


A simple man with love and courage in his heart.
That’s real art.

Turner Prize 2005

“Shedboatshed” by artist Simon Starling
That was about as shocking as it got in a year when the £25,000 prize has generated barely a ripple of controversy. Even a painter, Gillian Carnegie, installed as favourite for the prize by the bookmakers, was included.

The Tate’s selection panel, having scoured the country over the past dozen years to find transvestite potters, dirty beds and sliced cows, was possibly too exhausted to whip up headlines again.