Work No 747: Shouting Match

Shouting Match / The Human Condition VIII
  c. Art Axis 2015

Retouched painted-over graffiti wall, Golders Hill Park; NW11
“Graffiti doesn’t always have to be immediately obvious to make an impact ” – AA

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shouting match

Ring any bells? ( Jim Murphy laughs off protester Sean Clerkin’s verbal assault, May 2015 )
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Work No. 664; Trending..

McAlpine treading
c. Michael St.Mark 2013

Social commentary work relating to the relentless march of uniformity downtreading individuality and creativity in world society.
Assisted by Orwellian repression of social freedoms and the ongoing Thatcherite cosh of tough employment regulation
guaranteeing a low wage nil rights compliant slave labour workforce producing profit and power for the global PLCs, who in turn
use their capital to influence politicians’ policy-making and to bully the mainstream media into kowtowing to their agenda.

( Hoxton, March 2013 )

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