The most influential new art movement in the world today?

” According to Art Review, it’s the duty of artists to emphasise the importance of freedom of expression within their works” – BBC R4, 10am news, Thursday 13th October 2011

( Reporting on the leading UK contemporary art magazine’s reasons for the decision to give this year’s ” world’s most powerful artist” award to the Chinese dissident protest artist Ai Weiwei )
Compared with ” …it’s the duty of all artists to use their god-given enhanced perception
to include elements of shake-up/wake-up social commentary and protest within their body of work.”  Michael St. Mark, Monday 10th October 2011 ( 3 days previously ) on the LondonDada post for work 518 ” Cameron Double Double Talk “

Links thematically to Work No. 518; Cameron Double Double Talk

Art is re-orienting!

London Dada founder Michael St.Mark

” The limits of Tyrants are Prescribed by the Endurance
of those whom they Oppress ” ( Artist unknown, contact for credit)
That applies equally to the UK as to China,  Art  Review.

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10 thoughts on “The most influential new art movement in the world today?

  1. It is – however, it is also the duty of us all to kick up a bloody fuss where needed. Just as well, really, because although I SEE Art everywhere, I can’t make it.
    A xx


      • Ok, a few hours have passed and I’m a little calmer. My ‘thanks’ down the page doesn’t need explanation.
        The ‘worldwide day of protest’ hasn’t been that significant. There will have been some news manipulation, I suspect. A few arrests in Rome.
        I do hope that I wasn’t lumped in with the ‘lazy cowardly woolly backsides’.
        Lazy? I don’t think so. Cowardly? I hope to be standing up for myself and others for ages to come. ‘Woolly Backsides’? Yes well, if you’re a sheep you’d need a woolly backside.
        Quite sad for Wales in the RWC. A duff refereeing decision – probably.
        A xx


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