London Dada work 518; Double Double Talk – Cameron at Conference

Double Double Talk
( Cameron @ Conference )
c. Michael St.Mark 2011

According to Dada high command, it’s the duty of all artists to use their god-given enhanced perception
to include elements of shake-up/wake-up social commentary and protest within their body of work.

* See comments below, for  an expose of Cameron’s BS green ‘credentials’ on the plastic carrier bag issue.




8 thoughts on “London Dada work 518; Double Double Talk – Cameron at Conference

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    • One small example that we may have already discussed Mrs B.. – Cam’ went potty on the plastic bag issue again a week or two back, re-cycling the same tired old claptrap onto the front page of Murdoch-sucking Paul Dacre’s Daily Mail, about how his govt. are committed to weaning us off supermart bags. And we’re supposed to close our eyes to the big retailers’ stacking their shelves high with other and own-brand products largely housed in thick heavy duty plastic containers?

      Er hello DC – one empty plastic one-litre milk container weighs more than 50 plastic carrier bags.

      So what, you may ask, is the problem with the Old Etonian millionaire committing to getting retailers to use eminently recyclable waxed paper/card containers for everything by 2012? Never heard of the Covent Garden Soup Company, old toff?
      The problem is, of course, that he’s not at all serious about the issue, but only interested in bleating the right noises to keep up a green image.

      This is but a small but typical example of the modern politician’s guile in claiming illusion to be reality, black and shades of grey to be white, words to be actions, smoke and mirrors to be transparency, limitation to be more choice, bankers to be hit hard etc…etc..


      • Yes, we did discuss the plastic bag issue recently and we were agreed that the empty plastic milk carton weighs way more than than 50 carrier bags. A lot of the bags are now degradeable over a period of time so that’s a big improvement on the 100 years or so that they used to take i suppose.

        DC and the Conservative government are busy rabbiting on about plastic bags to hide the fact that they’ve nothing of any consquence to tell us, certainly nothing which will bring the economy out of the doldrums.

        He thinks he is telling us what we want to hear ie/ green issues being of great importance to us, but he isn’t living in the real world, the world of people who are in massive debt owing to rising prices etc,people who don’t have a job and see no prospect of one, people who can’t afford to get on the property ladder or even to pay the huge rents demanded these days. These issues are the ones of major interest to a large amount of the population not plastic carrier bags!

        And yes, what is wrong with retailers/manufacturers using recycleable waxed paper or card for their products and cutting down on the amount of packaging too. The more packaging there is the more the cost is passed on to us the consumer, use less and bring the price down a bit would seem a sensible option to me.


      • I think the problem Mrs B., is most of them bought into plastic years ago, by investing in extrusion and production line plant. It would be expensive to start over with a new packaging setup. And Cameron certainly isnt keen for any of his big food retailer pals to be out of pocket or inconvenienced in the least.
        His proud “green credentials” suddenly go right out the window!
        As you quite rightly say, its almost always the common taxpayer made to make the sacrifices/stump up to pay the bills for government lies, corruption and incompetence.


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