7 thoughts on “London Dada work 519; Burrow’s Home Improvements

  1. Oh dear! who wants to live in a town with buildings like this :))

    Apparently builders usually have houses which are falling down as according to them they never have time to do their own up! These shopkeepers must work by the same principle, they’re too busy selling DIY products to other people to worry about their own premises. Makes great DADA though 😀


  2. Ok, I think I’ve got the bond. I think this is pre-cavity wall, and is an English Bond. The headers and stretchers don’t look like a Flemish Bond. I wonder if they’re still trading there? Your pic probably tells a big story, which is not a good comment for it, is it?
    A xx


  3. ‘Ripe’ is the word. Ripe for development.
    The brickwork is particular, I’ll have it by the end of the day.
    There’s a lovely French word, can’t reproduce it properly because it needs a circumflex. The word is ‘murir’ (circumflex should be over the ‘u’), it means ‘to ripen’, and is applied to anything – even old people. This building has ripened wonderfully and possibly still sells little bits for sprucing up other buildings.
    Like it.
    A xx


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