Work No. 707: Cameron goes to War

These terrible echos..

( From the US Dadaist Charles Rice Goff III media resources; )

cameron @ warBHP
 Cameron goes to War; “it’s a black & white issue”
 c. Michael St.Mark 2014


In a world where dark motives are spun as pure white.. and where white has turned black as oil.

* Calling gemstone artists with a moral compass; your chance to contribute to our accumulative collection of post-millenium
war-protest Works from artists across the world, due to be displayed at the London Dada 2016 grand exposition
to be held to mark Dada’s 100th anniversary.

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21 C. Dada war protest ink drawings / collage by the immensely gifted Charles Rice Goff III


London Dada work 518; Double Double Talk – Cameron at Conference

Double Double Talk
( Cameron @ Conference )
c. Michael St.Mark 2011

According to Dada high command, it’s the duty of all artists to use their god-given enhanced perception
to include elements of shake-up/wake-up social commentary and protest within their body of work.

* See comments below, for  an expose of Cameron’s BS green ‘credentials’ on the plastic carrier bag issue.