Work No. 707: Cameron goes to War

These terrible echos..

( From the US Dadaist Charles Rice Goff III media resources; )

cameron @ warBHP
 Cameron goes to War; “it’s a black & white issue”
 c. Michael St.Mark 2014


In a world where dark motives are spun as pure white.. and where white has turned black as oil.

* Calling gemstone artists with a moral compass; your chance to contribute to our accumulative collection of post-millenium
war-protest Works from artists across the world, due to be displayed at the London Dada 2016 grand exposition
to be held to mark Dada’s 100th anniversary.

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21 C. Dada war protest ink drawings / collage by the immensely gifted Charles Rice Goff III


2 thoughts on “Work No. 707: Cameron goes to War

  1. Here’s what he was telling his mates as the UN summit:
    “So I told these ISIS people, now see here you common little oiks, when we gave you guns and grenades and tanks so you could attack Assad, we said we didn’t mind you attacking a few properties owned by western corporate interests or beheading a few hostages because that helps make us look good. But we never said anything about forming yourselves into a serious fighting force and starting to threaten corporate profits. Now pack it in or we’ll have to call Blair back, he knows a thing or two about destroying third world countries.”


    • Excellent summary good man!
      I was watching the Palestinian leader’s speech at the UN yesterday. All the sitting British MPs had scuttled back like good little lambs to vote for bombing an ideology (duhh) being fuelled by the likes of the recent campaign of genocide by Israel on the people of Gaza. Despite 2000 civilian deaths, he was still putting forward constructive plans for a fair and just peace, a practical solution to open-ended growth in Middle East extremism.
      The contradiction and hypocrisy involved in that one small example goes way beyond breathtaking, cynical or self-serving… or maybe as you say, the war’s actually a much more simple equation, one that boils down to corporate interests gaining access to vast new oilfields.

      So what’s to be done apart from limiting oneself to watching sport on the telly? Anything else MSM-wise just at the moment is tending to ‘do the sane-thinking man’s head in’.


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