Scottish Referendum Special – Taking a News Stand.

Re-post from 2011 in relation to the Scottish Independence referendum and the No campaign’s months-long daily use of scaremongering headlines based largely on exaggeration and lies and pushed to the public through the Westminster government’s corporate friends who control the hard press media and BBC /Sky.
Nick Robinson, the BBC’s political commentator a case in point; who was caught out attempting to deliberately smear Alex Salmond in cahoots with his editor who cut the video before the Scottish first minister replied – and putting the piece to air claiming he hadn’t answered the point.

Supermarket Juxtaposition no 2.
Taking a News Stand”
( against base journalism ) Tesco Surrey Quays 1/11/11, 4.06pm onwards.
( Bespoke instore tabloid newspaper stand j /w “Twist ‘n Lock” toilet roll holder. )

c. Michael St.Mark 2011

( click to enlarge the photo diptych )

For explanatory synopsis of this work, please refer to previous installation,
“Supermarket Juxtaposition no 1 “


Remember, ” mainstream media means corporate media”  – Jon Pilger.

14 thoughts on “Scottish Referendum Special – Taking a News Stand.

  1. You’re right about media Mike, we bloggers have worked hard for supremacy, we deserve it.

    The commenter above asked us to look at any definition of nationalism. There are two in my online dictionary:

    Nationalism, noun

    patriotic feeling, principles, or efforts.
    1 “an early consciousness of nationalism and pride” synonyms: patriotism · patriotic sentiment ·

    2 an extreme form of patriotism marked by a feeling of superiority over other countries.
    Powered by OxfordDictionaries · © Oxford University Press

    Well there’s one of those I don’t see anything wrong with.

    I think the Scots made the right decision materially although it was only thanks to Cameron’s promises that he will not keep that the Unionists avoided a backlash against media bullying delivering a yes vote. And the media hate campaign being whipped up against Andy Murray is disgusting, it shows what a mean spirited bunch the media luvvies who supported NO are. The bloke’s entitled to his opinion FFS!



    • There’s not much vile hatred to top that found in Orange Unionism nationalism( see def. 2 ).
      Like in the little Saltire-burning Nazi-saluting Yes voter-stabbing No celebration partee in George Square Glasgow yesterday ( minimal MSM coverage natch )


  2. Well you would say that it wasn’t fair…………… do you live in Scotland ?
    I am so glad it was ‘no thanks’ which won.

    Have a look at any definition of nationalism……….David .


    • I lived in north then south Lanarkshire, Inverness and Glasgow between 1995 and 2002 and travelled widely throughout the country during that time, to both west and east coasts, the Highlands ( north, northwest and south ) as well as Edinburgh & think I got a pretty good bird’s eye snapshot of Scottish culture and its varied regional character.
      And I hope your definition of nationalism isn’t what went on in George Square tonight…?
      No won – not fair and square – but by daily scaremongering via the corporate media, and only then they just scraped in.

      Just as well social media with its rich and free range of views & opinions is due to overtake the corporate-controlled press as peoples’ number one port of call for news and current affairs.
      One-dimensional one-sided bigotry has had its day, David.


      • Nationalism is unpleasant at anytime anywhere. Creating new embassies, new qangos, more civil servants, more government advisors, new Scottish NHS structures , new Scottish army, Air force and Navy with top brass would burden the poor even more than now. The additional cost structures is endless .


      • You’ve got it wrong we love Scotland and also being part of a British community.
        We often disagree with London policies but we try to change them by marching protesting, emailing, seeing our MP but not splitting a Union which has survived 300 years and fought to defend ‘ our island home ‘ not parts of it !


      • Yes but if after 300 years you’re still (rightly) disgruntled and still think you can change things centrally from a fairly obviously impervious Westminster, that’s being a bit terminally naive.
        btw your “facts” about economic doom if Scotland went indy are disputed and in many cases reversed by independent experts – not those in the Tory corporate pocket.
        There’s a word for people who despite suffering long term deprivation and drought still go back to the same whip hand looking up and begging for sustenance, rather than screw up the courage to fight to break away from an historically tyrannical and perpetually deceitful oppressor.


      • And you seriously think he’s going to keep his last-minute promise – or hold Cameron’s government to their last-minute vow, on increased powers to Scotland?
        Brown’s widely seen as a sell-out with zilch political credibility, if you didn’t see that as being rather obvious after his disastrous time in office, then there’s not much else to add.


      • It’s already been broken, lunchtime on the day of the No result to be exact. Cameron strode out of No 10 and linked his vow to Scotland to have to include English and Welsh powers alongside, which was not mentioned pre-ref day and which he knows full well will be blocked before it gets anywhere near the statute book.

        You just don’t seem to get it..but never mind 🙂

        Perhaps we should just stick to your Photography Group…it’s an admirable thing you’re doing there.


      • You keep jumping prematurely to conclusions.

        55% of voters wanted to stick together in a harsh world where we compete with China and India and where Russia is on the prowl in Ukraine and has already gobbled up Crimea.


      • It’s the willingness to be strung along by vows and promises despite having been let down over & over before, that’s the issue – not just with Scottish voters but voters everywhere in the UK… that’s the problem.
        Half of Scots’ peculiar willingness to keep giving proven liars credit .. is the problem.
        Max Keiser put it well – never in history has a small population passed up the chance of £1.3 trillion in oil and gas reserves, to settle for Marmite.


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