Scottish Referendum Special – Taking a News Stand.

Re-post from 2011 in relation to the Scottish Independence referendum and the No campaign’s months-long daily use of scaremongering headlines based largely on exaggeration and lies and pushed to the public through the Westminster government’s corporate friends who control the hard press media and BBC /Sky.
Nick Robinson, the BBC’s political commentator a case in point; who was caught out attempting to deliberately smear Alex Salmond in cahoots with his editor who cut the video before the Scottish first minister replied – and putting the piece to air claiming he hadn’t answered the point.

Supermarket Juxtaposition no 2.
Taking a News Stand”
( against base journalism ) Tesco Surrey Quays 1/11/11, 4.06pm onwards.
( Bespoke instore tabloid newspaper stand j /w “Twist ‘n Lock” toilet roll holder. )

c. Michael St.Mark 2011

( click to enlarge the photo diptych )

For explanatory synopsis of this work, please refer to previous installation,
“Supermarket Juxtaposition no 1 “


Remember, ” mainstream media means corporate media”  – Jon Pilger.