The Dada business card


The business card as art.

Dada business card  (preliminary design template) 9cms x 5 cms, gloss finish
( c/w Daler Rowney card mount & over-signed in marker pen by the artist, first-issue Dada business cards, limited edition of 100 @ only £20 per card. An affordable investment in the UK expression of Dada that is working towards the revitalization and restructuring of art through fresh perceptions and expression of true values as per Hugo Ball’s original vision )

London Dada; influencing the art establishment’s new tendency  towards protest, albeit largely feigned and token.
Reported today, Saatchi Gallery focusing on the Occupy Wall St campaign.

” Catch-up & Cash-in Charlie ” 

Saatchi certainly has previous in the area of ‘shadowing-to-sanitize’ protest, through one of his proteges’ Mark ‘Bear Suit’ Wallinger and his 2007 Tate Liverpool  ‘copy’ of Brian Haw’s longstanding brave anti-war Westminster sit-in protest and banner display.
Needless to say,  the many personal references in Haw’s protest banners to Blair and Bush as war criminals were airbrushed out of Wallinger’s pathetic parody. And he gave not a penny of his substantial fee to Haw who was fighting against cancer, a battle which tragically he recently lost.

This is the kind of insipid low brow fare that is gets promoted to the mainstream.

Update Look what the copy cat brought in – to the Banksy Monopoly board artwork at Occupy St.Pauls protest camp a week on from our “Dada business card as art” was posted to the net…

banksy business card
There are thieves – and then there are chancers

6 thoughts on “The Dada business card

  1. A sad day when Brain Haw died, Britain certainly lost one of it’s greatest protesters,i wonder if we’ll ever see the like again?

    No great surprise that many of Haw’s protest banners didn’t appear in Wallinger’s excuse of a copy. If he had to do the parody he should have at least had the guts to show it ‘how it was’. I imagine Brian Haw didn’t want flattering with a watered down version of what he was about,he wanted people to sit up and take notice so that his protests weren’t in vain.


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