London Dada work 531: The Door to Romance

The Door to Romance
c. Michael St.Mark 2011

Artist’s comment on how the opportunity for romantic involvement at first promises escape from an expansively
mundane, grey life of solitude into one of snugly ensconsed security and colour… yet all too often at the price of
subsequent steely emotional/sexual entanglements, children commitments and binding legal complications that become
as stifling and painful to endure – or more so – than the lonely world left behind.

People are happier when they’re in pain – in fact that’s why they get married ”  – Lou Reed, from the New York album

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Link to London Dada vs. Wolff Olins Olympic logo litigation.

5 thoughts on “London Dada work 531: The Door to Romance

  1. I must admit to being a bit puzzled myself by this one! Is there a connection with one door of the junction box being open and the manhole cover looking on? Sorry i’m being rather dense tonight, must be that cold wind today 😀


    • Our solitary worlds are grey, until the day romance seems to open a door of promise to color in our lives… but the eventual price to pay is often steely impersonal complications and inextricable entanglement in the machinations of legal and personal implications if we try to escape back into our previous black and white solitude.

      I’ll enter a sub-text to this work .. thanks for the feedback!


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