Work No. 530/530a: The Waiting Room (1 & 2)

The Waiting Room
c. Michael St. Mark 2010

Hospital room, Charring Cross Hospital, Hammersmith <scratcheadsmiley>

Care home, Hatfield Herts – a strange silence pervades.
Dada doesn’t sugar-coat or dodge issues everyone must confront

Info / Invest
Fast Access Archive, 2005 – 2017

8 thoughts on “Work No. 530/530a: The Waiting Room (1 & 2)

  1. Very wise indeed!

    The added wisdom is something to look forward to, i hope to have learnt from my experiences in this ‘life’ and to continue towards the happiness that will surely be mine eventually.


  2. Waiting for What? Is this where Diana and Tom finished up? Remember that wonderful series? ‘Waiting For God’ it was called. I loved the way Diana was a complete pain in the bumski, the way she never gave up on rumpy pumpy and the way she used her stick as a weapon. This person in the photo looks sad. Even the wall under the sill is weeping.
    A xx


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