15 thoughts on “London Dada work 529; It’s Colourful up North

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      • Yes, that would be a brilliant scenario—-if only eh!

        Her Maj probably doesn’t even know what a backyard is but she would soon find out when she was faced with a pigeon loft complete with smelly moulting birds, old trainers sat on the windowsill to ‘air’ or a pyramid of fag ends piled up by the backdoor step 😀


      • She’s probably looked curiously down from the royal Bentley through the p*ssing December rain at some down-on-his-luck guy sleeping rough in a John Lewis doorway before now, and said to her valet something like;

        “Why is he poor”?

        And we’re supposed to look up to the monarchy..


  2. I love it. Anything with blue. (NOT the f*****g tories.) I’d get out there with a tin of some wonderful blue, and some white for the gate. Blue and white. That’s so lovely.
    A xx


  3. I like your photos of buildings best.

    I used to sit on a similar wall at my nans house. she had a mangle in the yard.

    why would anyone paint it that shade of blue? surely wedgwood blue would be more upmarket.


  4. If I was being a bit of an old romantic I would say they look like downmarket beach huts but honestly when I looked at them I saw outside loos!! OMG and now I remember the one my Nan had at her house, bloody freezing it was and always full of spiders


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