London Dada work 549: How Much is a Ball of String?

How Much is a Ball of String?
c. Michael St.Mark 2011

A protest work, and play on the ubiquitous “how long is a piece of string” conundrum. An ordinary street market scene, yet somehow tinged with melancholia at the plight of the impoverished elderly having to count every penny.

In an an envelope and stamp mail world, life must simplify…  sl o  w    d    o     w       n .

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Wolff Olins’ London 2012 Olympic Logo Art Theft

3 thoughts on “London Dada work 549: How Much is a Ball of String?

  1. I think we could all do with going through the experience of having to count every penny. I’m certainly grateful for it . I mean not to the extent of ‘ new washing line or supper what’s it going to be ? ‘ but to question every purchase is a good thing.
    Do I really need it ? Will this purchase bring me joy ? Can I do without it ? Something about not wishing to be part of over consuming. We produce far too much waste.

    Another aspect is that a person who is 80 + even 60 + will remember how much fish and chips or a loaf of bread or pint of milk cost when they were a child compared to now.



  2. An all too familiar scene in many towns i would think. She is probably looking at her money and trying to decide if she really needs that new washing line as it will mean beans on toast if she buys it.

    Very sad that so many of the elderly are struggling on the breadline and not a lot appears to be being done, by this government, to alleviate their plight.


    • They are often sidelined. A recent report cited shocking examples of abusive treatment of the elderly in hospitals from up and down the land. The usual way they eventually “free up a bed” is through being dehydrated- deliberately or not.
      Like dentists making up uneccesary repair work to fund their winter ski-ing holidays, everyone knows it goes on, but it rarely makes the national headlines.

      As the Stranglers say; ” Something Better Change “.


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