LONDON DADA work 574; The Politician’s Word

The con mens' game.
The Politician’s Word
c. Michael St.Mark 2012


In a world of many different shades of gray
do we believe what we see – or in what they say?

Do we believe what they say – or in what they do?


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2 thoughts on “LONDON DADA work 574; The Politician’s Word

  1. Well most politicians will swear that black is white and expect us to believe them!—–but very often we don’t.

    Strangely this one was just black writing saying white to my brain, whereas the words in ‘primary-contrary’ were different, if it said red i saw red even though it wasn’t that colour—–if you see what i mean 😀


    • Perhaps because we’re familiar with seeing all words in black text when reading newspapers etc?
      It would work the other way around I guess, as they’re adept at scaring voters off anything where there’s freedom or no profit involved.. ie capitals that spell Black, but are in colour white. Thanks for the comment Mrs B! 🙂


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