London Dada Work 579; Atrocity Exhibition

Atrocity Exhibition
( Half pig man )
c. Michael St,Mark 2011


The stallholder, it emerges after a brief exchange, keeps his very own local organic pig farm. His proud boast “my pigs enjoy a happy life outdoors ”  impresses, then at his invitation to “try some rashers?” , we mention thanks-but-no-thanks,  we’re vegetarian.

” So are my pigs”.. he sneers through an evil smirk


Link to The Slaughterman in ‘A Town Called Hassle -Fear & Loathing in London’ blog






9 thoughts on “London Dada Work 579; Atrocity Exhibition

  1. Ugh!—-that’s all i can say to the thought of eating trotters Christine. When i was young my mother would insist that we had to eat liver and my sister and i hated it, we would put it in our pockets when our Mum was out of the room and dispose of it on the way back to school! :))


      • when I was little I forced to eat trotters! (ugghhh!)
        my dad would say starving children would be glad of those trotters,
        I used to say give them to them then….
        I had to bribe my brother to get them off my plate in a tea towel…


  2. So this guy thinks his pigs are happier because they are allowed to roam free outdoors?——i wonder how he knows this, how can he tell they are happier?

    They still end up in the same place as other pigs though and this is at the Travelodge of the animal world, otherwise known as the abattoir!

    The expression on the mans face, in the photo, says it all really.


    • Big man, pig man
      Ha haa, charade you are… YOU
      well-heeled big wheel
      Ha haa, charade you are

      And when your hand is on your heart
      You’re nearly a good laugh
      – almost a joker, with your
      head down in the pig bin, saying
      “keep on digging”…
      pig stain on your fat chin

      What do you hope to find
      down in the pig mine?

      You’re nearly a laugh
      you’re nearly a laugh,
      But you’re really a cry.

      Pink Floyd – “Pigs”, from Animals LP


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