Re-post from ’06…. " Drought "


c. Michael St. Mark

Gone all topical again; the eternal conundrum of floods floods everywhere but not a drop to ..hose the lawn.
( Overflow at Derwent reservoir dam, Peak District )

Media publication interest invited on this picture, please contact;

8 thoughts on “Re-post from ’06…. " Drought "

    • … and that is, very much, the bottom line Mr B. Well summed-up.
      God help us all then, when that very mentality gets applied to our NHS by Cameron with the backing of that grovelling little twerp of a sidekick with the yellow tie.


      • Didn’t Gaddafi build a fantastic system for shifting water around his country or am I dreaming and was it built by brits, yes I’m dreaming cos he was a bad boy who wanted to spend the profits from oil on his people, just had to be murdered.


      • Well, he didn’t go down very well in Misrata after all that indiscriminate shelling and child murder. Talking of which, President A ssad bastard’s giraffe neck would be well suited to the Pierrepoint treatment…


      • Say what you like about him we certainly never got the truth from our media liars about what was going on there,talking of child murderers where’s the king of them all Tony Blair these days? bathing in Champagne somewhere no doubt


  1. What a fabulous photograph, it really makes you realise that how much water is actually around us but still there never seems to be enough for all.

    Isn’t it about time that ‘the powers that be’ came up with new ways of saving our water as surely we should never be in a drought situation in this country? Maybe they could start by plugging all the leaks that lose millions of gallons a day—–afterall they get plenty of money out of us all each year! 😀


    • In the SE especially, I suspect they’re under-playing the scale of mains leaks, to which they pay bare minimum token attention.
      Also demand is likely up, owing to population growth caused by the tidal flood of immigration over the past few years… if you PTP 🙂
      I heard some water chief waffling on Radio 4, saying they’re not going to invest in a pipeline in from Wales because “climate change experts predict water shortage there too in the future”. Yeah right.

      Any excuse ( not to pump profits into major infrastructure projects ) will do.
      ” Run it down, jack up the prices, take the money .. and run ” – that’s private co running of public utilities for you.


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