Work No. 607: Dada at St.Martins, No Plan-Planning Meeting

no plan planning
Dada at St.Martins  ( title to be pronounced with a plum in one’s voice )
Art Axis 2012

A clique of pompous and elitist Central St. Martins lecturers and directors captured mid-meeting,  earning  their Arts Council dollops-of-dosh-for-old-rope jobs-for-the-public school-boys & their cronies gravy train cucumber sarnie & champers existences ( phew ).
Nice work if you can get it.

The subtle art of planning without planning – Dada at its finest, chaps.


Central St.Martins managent and senior lecturers may at some stage wish to be educated

the reality

of  the way their institution – and many like it – works to the disadvantage of  those not privileged to have chosen the correct parents ( barring the odd token, usually overseas artist – exception )


2 thoughts on “Work No. 607: Dada at St.Martins, No Plan-Planning Meeting

  1. Wow, that’s some text you’ve written there Mr St Mark, very John cooper Clark! How did you manage to capture this shot, were outside with your nose pressed up against the glass?


    • I happened to be passing by, ‘admiring’ the creative desolation of this old warehouse for poor young having-to-suck-up-to-make-it fine artist wannabes… and there was this ‘no plan meeting’ in mid flow.
      The straightjacket of creative sterility in there is stifling, unbearable – I had to get out quick.


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