Work No. 607: Dada at St.Martins, No Plan-Planning Meeting

no plan planning
Dada at St.Martins  ( title to be pronounced with a plum in one’s voice )
Art Axis 2012

A clique of pompous and elitist Central St. Martins lecturers and directors captured mid-meeting,  earning  their Arts Council dollops-of-dosh-for-old-rope jobs-for-the-public school-boys & their cronies gravy train cucumber sarnie & champers existences ( phew ).
Nice work if you can get it.

The subtle art of planning without planning – Dada at its finest, chaps.


Central St.Martins managent and senior lecturers may at some stage wish to be educated

the reality

of  the way their institution – and many like it – works to the disadvantage of  those not privileged to have chosen the correct parents ( barring the odd token, usually overseas artist – exception )