London Dada work 633 " NHS MACHT FREI "

“NHS MACHT FREI” ( The NHS sets you free ) in memory of innocent victims.
concept & i.m. by Michael St.Mark 2013

The gates at Auschwitz. Giclee print on Ilford Pearl, digitally enhanced & hand-finished in acrylic..
20″ x 16″.
One worldwide. Proceeds from bid sale to go to
AvMA (Action Against Medical Accidents).

Contact to enter a bid. Closing 25th Feb 2013

A protest artwork. Released on the day of publication of the Francis enquiry revealing the virtual genocide of over 1200 patients at Stafford Hospital and the ongoing culture of neglect and withdrawal of fluids to elderly dementia patients on NHS wards throughout England.
Will Cameron implement all the recommendations immediately? Will those complicit in cover-up, the shameless bullies Martin Yeates, David Nicholson as well as Alan Johnson and Andy Burnham, the Labour Health Secretaries at the time; be held to account?
Why is statutory legislation to make attempts to cover-up abuse and neglect that lead to the deaths of patients in the NHS a criminal offence, not being introduced immediately?

( Released 3 days after Holocaust day. No disrespect intended to the sacred memory of the 6 million Jewish and other victims
of Nazi atrocities at Auschwitz and elsewhere during World War II. )

Damning Shropshire Star article

Link forward to purchase this Work from the London Dada archives.

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