London Dada work 634; NHS Dementia Ward

NHS dementia ward
NHS Dementia Ward
Concept, i.m.  & detail by Michael St.Mark c. 2013.

Camp workers’ bunks, Auschwitz

Digitally-enhanced & appropriated collage Giclee print, hand finished in acrylic, 20″x16″ on Ilford Pearl.
One worldwide, bid-sale proceeds to AvMA (Action against Medical Accidents.)

Bids for this work;
Closing 25th Feb 2013

A Dada protest artwork. Released on the day following results of the Francis enquiry and damning yet diluted report by Mike Farrar on the virtual genocide of over 1200 patients at Stafford Hospital and the ongoing culture of neglect and withdrawal of fluids to elderly and dementia patients on NHS wards throughout England.
Will Cameron implement the recommendations? Will Martin Yeates, Sir David Nicholson and the Labour Health Secretary at the time be held accountable?

( Released 4 days after Holocaust day. No disrespect intended to the sacred memory of the 6 million Jewish and other victims
of Nazi atrocities at Auschwitz and elsewhere during World War II. )

2 thoughts on “London Dada work 634; NHS Dementia Ward

  1. fantastic photo Mike giving us a stark reminder of the terrible times at Auschwitz which i never thought i would see replicated within the NHS. The lack of care and neglect of patients at Stafford hospital is at best despicable and at worst, i hesitate to say it, practically murder!

    There are so many things that need to change and a plethora of people who have to take a long hard look at themselves. From the high up management down to the nurse on the ward, the job that they were/are being paid for wasn’t being done. How can anyone be in care of ill, vulnerable people of all ages and not even see to the basics of their care such as food, drink, clean sheets etc. It is s disgusting state of affairs and ‘heads should roll’.


    • I think we’ve had a taste of a privatised NHS here and it leaves a very nasty one in everyones’ mouth. Everyone seems to know someone who has suffered abuse or neglect in hospital.
      The plethora of practically useless jobsworth managers were and probably still are to some extent only interested in hitting performance targets, because it was made pretty crystal their jobs depended on it.
      The bullying came right from the top – from the two Labour Health secretaries at the time down through the inhumane monsters David Nicholson and Martin Yeates.
      Yet again, as at the hard-won Hillsborough enquiry, it was only by the determined efforts of a dedicated relative of a victim ( brave Julie at Cure the NHS) that anyone in government finally, and even then under extreme duress, sat up and took notice.

      And unless those responsible are held to serious account and it be made a statutory offence to cover-up patient abuse; what’s to deter those in charge of Health Trusts up & down the country from in future brushing this whole episode aside and repeating the cost-saving-at-all-patient costs exercise, knowing their heads will not roll – as you well put it – should anything come down on top; but in its stead receive a hush puppy shoe-in to some other well-heeled doctor do little cushy executive number elsewhere.

      Hundreds of views of these two posts in the past few days Anne ..& yours the only comment.
      It’s very uncomfortable viewing, most people still prefer to quickly look away rather than say or do anything about it.. that’s (still) why people in this country will continue to be trodden down and denied the best healthcare, sad though it is to say. 😦


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