Work 635; Green Leaf Salad

Green Leaf Salad
c. Michael St.Mark 2013

( actual work )
click to puke to go veggie – you know you want to.

Keeping it mislabelling topical with a sumptious blue tray of abatoir-fresh sawn bone fide cow bones & gristle, all undeniably derived or sourced from lush dew-laden pastures. Therefore ” Green Leaf Salad” wouldn’t be far off the label truth…. would it 🙂


* * * * * * * * *  *

By extreme mislabelling comparison; at Tate Britain, a pensive yet ultimately non-plussed visitor contemplates
the artist’s ‘reasoning’ behind his assertion that a glass of water on a high bathroom shelf
is in fact an oak tree.

an oak tree
An Oak Tree, by Michael Craig-Martin (1974)
( Image courtesy London Dada)

” An Oak Tree” consists of an ordinary glass of water placed on a small glass shelf of the type normally found in a bathroom, which is attached to the wall above head height. Craig-Martin composed a series of questions and answers to accompany the objects. In these, the artist claims that the glass of water has been transformed into an oak tree. When An Oak Tree was first exhibited, in 1974 at Rowan Gallery, London, the text was presented printed on a leaflet. It was subsequently attached to the wall below and to the left of the shelf and glass. Craig-Martin’s text deliberately asserts the impossible. The questions probe the obvious impossibility of the artist’s assertion with such apparently valid complaints as: ‘haven’t you simply called this glass of water an oak tree?’ and ‘but the oak tree only exists in the mind’. The answers maintain conviction while conceding that ‘the actual oak tree is physically present but in the form of the glass of water … Just as it is imperceptible, it is also inconceivable ”

–  Tate Britain

* Kind of high art meets mental institution?

* * * * *

London Dada website;

5 thoughts on “Work 635; Green Leaf Salad

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    • It has its place where it opens minds to fresh possibilities and realities within the viewer. But if the so-called artist doesn’t possess these qualities within themselves in the first place, you get “An Oak Tree” – nonsense shite, basically.
      Damien Hirst claims to have been “knocked out” by the work, so much so apparently, that he started painting spots.


  2. Those bones look revolting, i definately wouldn’t be chewing on one.

    It’s hard to equate a lush green field and happily munching cows on a beautiful summers day with what has ended up in the blue tray! The cold facts of course are that this is how they finish up—–sad isn’t it.


    • Surely, Mrs B.
      Ashes to ashes.. horse meat to beef burgers, etc etc

      The coldstore meathook reality – the planet will never experience peace for so long as its people are prepared to tacitly approve or directly inflict, suffering on their fellow beings for personal gain.


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