London Dada work 644; The Correct use of Shit

The Correct use of Shit
c. Michael St.Mark 2013

Derivative cropped work 644B;

Parked-up Landy, Welwyn Garden City

Signed editions of 50 each, 24″ x 15″ on Kodak Pro Endura
Unframed  £170

London Dada website

5 thoughts on “London Dada work 644; The Correct use of Shit

    • I know, Mrs B.
      There seem to be very few drinking sessions being organized inside breweries in this dislocated nation any more…. if you know what I mean.

      Can’t get things done for love or money.
      Let’s go hillwalking 🙂


      • Oh yes! do lets go hillwalking, i would feel so much better after a lovely jaunt in the fresh air and breathtaking scenery would recharge my batteries. 🙂

        I think it is very sad the way this country has ‘gone down’ in the last few years, we have to live here ‘PLEASE’ will someone do something to make it better?


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