work 645; The Coalition

The C o a l i t i o n TM
c. Michael St.Mark 2013

Found signpost, public bridleway, South Mimms.

The nearer the general election the more disparate policy divisions become between
Tories and Lib Dems, as the fear stench of likely defeat grows pungent.

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5 thoughts on “work 645; The Coalition

  1. The Coalition chose trying to save the country as its principal objective rather than scoring short term political points…………………

    Labor were the party of ‘ no boom and bust ‘ I heard the joker from Kircaldy say just that. David


    • Funny, I was only yesterday perusing my library of TV screenshots of Broon & family walking to the gates of Downing street after handing in his notice to quit to Queenie.
      With the right kind of eyes you can just about make out the fingernail scratch marks down the No 10 door paintwork where they had to prise him away.

      If the country is being saved, David, its people sure are are a darned ungrateful lot!


      • Well nobody thanks the doctor for bad tasting medicine up to the point where the patient is cured. David.

        When I see those eyes of Ed Balls [after he hears a snippet of further bad news ] they gleam with evil and pleasure …………… the degree of self deception in his case is horrendous.


      • Well let’s hope it’s not tasting bad because it’s poisonous.
        That is also possible, some may even say obvious.

        S’pose as with all govenment policy down the years, only time will tell.
        Which cumulatively, through both Labour and Tory, leads us to precisely the financial and social mess we’re in today.

        How much longer do we credit them with trust and belief?
        Personally, after Mrs T & the two Mr Bs, never again.


        The striking thing about Ed Balls is his chronic underperformance both in debate and in interview.
        Along with wet dish cloth leader Ed, not a brilliant outlook for Labour.


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