London Dada Work No. 647; When all the SFX are done


When All the Special Effects are Done..
© Michael St.Mark 2013

.. and all the pretty patterns are more or less painted, printed and drawn; it’s time for art to go beyond the retinal, to dig beneath the surface of things, with the Power Tool of Perception / PTP ™  without suffering fear-based punitive exclusion from the mainstream media.

( billboard advertising Hayward Gallery’s ” Light Show” , Shoreditch EC1, 2013 )

Tawdry definition;
” Showy, flashy,  superficial… lacking in depth or real meaning ”


More cheap shot gigantism – Hayward gallery 3D SFX from late 2012.
Hi Res file; click x2 for full effect
( c. Art Axis / London Dada )

Skilled craftsmanship that entertains in a startling, funfair kind of way – sure.
But thought-provoking, challenging, enlightening? Well….

* * * * * * * * * *

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1 thought on “London Dada Work No. 647; When all the SFX are done

  1. Th1t&#82a7;s a bit better. Now, while I do not disagree with what you said, I have a counter argument, but I am just too effing tired to do fact checking right now, so I’m not even going to. I’ll just say that economic progress comes in many forms, and in many cultures. Culturally homogeneous peoples such as those in small countries like Norway, Sweden, and Finland have a much easier time with Socialism than a mixed culture, such as that of the United States.


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