work 649; Society Now


  UK Society Now

  c. Michael St.Mark 2013


Social commentary work.

Reflection on the surge in population in the last decade c/w targeted government cuts causing greatly increased pressure on jobs, public services, education, housing and lower-to-middle income in the chronic body crush and ubiquitous omnipresent car/truck rampage that is England 2013.

On an aesthetic level the image presents an interesting abstraction of feathery flux within
a narrowly defined color and tonal range.

Signed edition giclee prints, W 20″ x H 12″ on Kodak Pro Endura.
£250 ( unframed)

Dada website

“Dada is the revolt of the personality threatened on so many sides, a revolt against levelling, stupidity and destruction. It is the distress cry of creative people against banality” – Richard Huelsenbeck ( one of the five original Dadaists of 1916 )

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