Jack Frost working late again..

Reworking of work 350 from 2009. Topical DN tropical, Mr Frost – although nearing Easter – is enjoying his UK work so much, he refuses to ‘pack ice it in’ and snow shoe-shuffle off to his polar retreat” noitanrebih ” ( reverse hibernation ).

Art should never lose its playful, humorous side

jack frost
Car Roof no. 16,670,654

c. Jack Frost

London Dada website

2 thoughts on “Jack Frost working late again..

  1. what beautiful patterns the frost has made definatly an artwork in itself.

    I like the fact that you say ‘art should never lose it’s playful, humorous side’ this is a sentiment i agree with, why should art be stuffy and only for ‘intellectuals’? The ‘stuffed shirts’ should remember that ‘beauty [and art] is in the eye of the beholder’ and we are all capable of appreiating both to some degree.


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