Work 663; " Untitled" III

” Untitled” III ( beach-combing )
c. Michael St.Mark 2013


Play on the tediously ubiquitous ‘Untitled‘ title, rife within contemporary art.

Continuation of the series – linkback to the previous two works here


New London Dada website

7 thoughts on “Work 663; " Untitled" III

      • That’s downright macabre!
        I am sorry eggy but there was a bit of a shortage of severed heads on the beach that day.
        But enough ‘Ruthless Rendell’ corpse-less head murder mystery, I need a drink with fries, somewhere sunny soon!


      • Yes, I checked it out straight away. Great SFX for sure, yet more Surrealism ( dream-inspired ) than Dada ( challenging conformity and stereotypes ), I muse.

        No EB Towers return-of-the-fox / kitchen ceiling spotlight fallout-type dramas to blog relate in your inimitable hilarious fashion I take it then?

        They are greatly missed!


      • I’m quite pleased somebody misses them. I’ve just been lazy I guess. I wasn’t quite sure how to blog to be honest, it’s been that long.

        I’ve been a little self-indulgent of late, listening to a lot of music and becoming a recluse…….a pet hobby of mine but it goes in stages. I have been busy with some independent advocacy work. Oh and I had to get the bastard builders back to put on a new front door!!


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