7 thoughts on “Work No. 673; Cordon Bleu International

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  2. Hmmm I see a person can eat fatty, dodgy chicken anywhere in the world now—-all without leaving these troubled shores!

    The guy in the photo seems to be tucking in, wonder if he survived the night without any side effects 🙂


      • Ha ha, well that’s either good management or good luck to be round the corner from a hospital. I do know someone who was very ill after eating at a similar type of establishment so it does happen!


      • Me too – a friend of a friend’s sister got severe FP from eating a Kentucky FC takeout. When the food police raided the kitchen they found about 20 of Colonel Sanders’ finest long-tailed drain rodents lined-up neatly on the freezer’s corpse shelf.
        How finger-lickin’ good is that !


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