Work No. 674; The Filling Station

the filling station
The Filling Station
c. Michael St.Mark 2013

Watford Gap services; M6 northbound.

Signed edition of 10 giclee prints on Ilford Pearl
24″ x 18″
£250 ( unframed )

Purchase details;

3 thoughts on “Work No. 674; The Filling Station

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  2. Sadly that is the reality of things Mrs B, one rarely sees an obese person over the age of 65.. heart packs in or something Diabetes T2-related gets hold.

    Health minister after Health minister in successive govts continue to balk at giving the public the facts about refined flour ( high carb ) foods c/w sedentary lifestyles or occupations ( includes long-distance van drivers lol )
    .. because of course they’re all in the pay of the big food multinationals such as Nestle, Dominos, Tate & Lyle etc

    Rather line their own career piggy pockets with a cushy seat on a Nestle board of directors post Westminster than help save the nation from hospital wards full of sagging beds hosting dying people.

    Politicians – they’re cute hey.


  3. ha ha ha I can’t stop laughing at this photo, that poor guy looks blown up like a Lilo at the beach 🙂

    Who ate all the pies? obviously he did and boy will he pay for it in years to come with health issues relating to excess blubber.


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