Trenton Oldfield remembered

Marking yesterday’s successful appeal by TO to be allowed to remain in the UK; London Dada’s 2012 work ” Boat Race Man” updated / re-posted.
Trenton Oldfield
  Work No 568; Boat Race Man
  (photographic appropriation)
  c. Michael St.Mark 2012
Post from 2012
London Dada remembering Trenton Oldfield, the admirably-principled swimmer/activist who risked his neck in reminding 30 million television viewers worldwide of the nasty, pernicious Oxbridge-run class system still thriving ( running the government,the banks, the media and arts; extorting via unelected privilege and exerting gross inequality across the jobs and opportunities market ) in the “home of Democracy”.

Just a few days ago learning from some crusty old beak that a custodial sentence is on the cards for creating a “public nuisance”

* June 4th 2013; Mainstream media orchestrated to chime in respectful remembrance of the Suffragette Emily Wilding Davison who was fatally injured when she ran out in front of King George V’s horse during the Epsom Derby, on 4 June 1913…. yet Trenton Oldfield, who risked his life to demonstrate against the old school tie Oxbridge elitists media & banking cartel that run the country (v. bady), the terminal state of the NHS with its privatisation by stealth, legalised murder, A&E shambles and cover-ups; being jailed for his trouble – rien ne change plus.
Story background

Oldfield did a good deed, to be considered performance art in line with the moral protest spirit of Dada” – Michael St.Mark

Signed edition x 50 Giclee prints on Kodak Pro Endura, 20″ x 16″
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Related work; no 643. ” Door to Equal Opportunity “

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