Work No. 684; The Propaganda Party

The Propaganda Party
© Michael St.Mark (31st Dec 2013)


Early New Years Eve street scene, Camden Town London NW1. In the first 3 years of the ConDem’s power-grab, official stats showed the number of rough sleepers UK-wide up by 20%.
Meanwhile the millionaire-to-a-man propaganda party likely as not whooping in the New Year in usual Bollinger-quaffing/sherbet-snorting Hooray Henry style from the uber comfort of their Chelsea town manses or ivy-dripping Rayburn-infested country cottage retreats in rural areas where their second ( or third) homes have jacked-up  house prices beyond the reach of young locals.

Signed edition of 25 lightjet prints on Kodak Pro Endura
20″ x 17″ ( unframed )

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3 thoughts on “Work No. 684; The Propaganda Party

  1. Disgusting isn’t it that in this day and age there seems to be more rough sleepers than ever, I find it hard to believe the way this country is going. It’s still a world of ‘those who have and those who haven’t’—–and we’re expecting another influx of Europeans, where are they going to get jobs and homes from?


    • Even the “half a million new homes being built” quote by this pathetic bunch in government would only house the extra people entered into the UK in the past year or two – of whom there must be millions more over the past decade.
      IMO it’s about ever-cheaper labour to produce ever-bigger profit margins for Cameron’s fatcat pals in the city and the multinat’s at the head of this golden trough such as the big food retailers and coffee chains.
      Economic growth at any cost – paradoxically incurs deteriorating quality of life in terms of housing, schools, hospital waiting times etc – is the philosophy of the cancer cell.
      Forget that red herring “racism” jibe; both Labour and ConDems had and have no right to impose such a massive influx of plantation wage migrants on the pre-existing population. No wonder UKIP are snowed-under with protest votes. It’s not racism, Jim, it’s population / infrastructure logistics and social service limits of a small country on a small island

      For the average Bulgarian, used to a Euro an hour, replacing a now privatized postman on £30,000 a year to do the same job for half that plus happily more hours for nothing, England must seem like paradise on parcel buggy wheels.


      • Well said Mr St Mark! Yes, even despite our current appalling weather this country must seem like a very attractive prospect to those living on a euro an hour.

        Those of us living here already should be able to see through the ploys used by multi-national food chain companies. Something I bought recently had gone up by 19 pence in one go but know doubt shortly they will drop it by 4 or 5 pence and call it a special offer! They’ll stoop at nothing to get our cash, another favourite trick of food chains is to advertise a product as being the ‘same great price’—–they just omit to mention that there is either less in the packet or the biscuits are smaller for example. Those of us of a certain age well remember ‘Wagon wheel’ biscuits being huge and there’s hardly a couple of bites to them now!

        I can see UKIP being snowed under with votes at the next election—-it must be time for a change do you think?


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