Work No. 685; 250@1/250

© Michael St.Mark 2014

The combined speed of two Virgin West Coast Mainline Pendolino 125 trains passing ( circa Stoke-on-Trent ) and featuring the identical number in respect of the camera shutter speed being set at 1/250th sec.
First artwork we believe to be titled as a speed ( Video version tf )

A reflection on the rapid pace and increasing isolation in 2014 society, where fast-passing strangers have become reluctant daily companions – and for more than a few the sole means, such as it is, of social interaction.

Signed edition of 50 Lightjet prints on Kodak Pro Endura
20″ x 17″
£400 ( unframed )


Archive of signed edition prints currently being released for investment


5 thoughts on “Work No. 685; 250@1/250

  1. Whenever I’ve been on a train which is stopped at a station, across from another train, I look over at the other people and think about the fact I’m watching faces I’ve never seen before and will never see again! It’s always a very surreal moment and makes me realise what a enormous world it is and what a tiny part I play in it.

    Brilliant photo by the way!


    • Ive always held a huge fascination for the way strangers interact and suddenly change personality when meeting someone they know and a perpetually different personality at that, depending on the social context in which the relationship exists; hence the London Dada series ” The unbelievable indifference of strangers”. Maybe coming from my steep LC initiation into the capital from a small town in the late 70s – suddenly everyone seemed in the deep freeze emotionally. I found that quite a shock.

      Re 250MPH; the 10 sec vid’ with sound version is the best yet to come, hopefully before some miserable media agency wretch spots it here and nicks the idea for a travel or snack ad. ( hope the sniffles are cleared up by now .)


    • Not the same chap, Roy. Nevertheless I believe we have followed back now – all the best with the Twitter feeds – a great way to punch your light into darkened minds with short bursts of truth.


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