Work No. 696: The Human Condition IV


The Human Condition IV. / IKEA Slaughterhouse II
Michael St. Mark 2014

From the series,  now trending as a sub genre within mainstream art
Linkback to THC VI Passing Relationship


Commercial pine logging ground, Galloway Forest Park SW Scotland.


Signed edition of 25 Lightjet prints on archival Pro Endura paper
26″ x 21″


About London Dada



4 thoughts on “Work No. 696: The Human Condition IV

    • Thank you Justynn my Absurdist/Dadaist stateside friend. I would post your website DN here, only the direct link doesn’t appear to be working just now. However, curious peeps can search Tags top left and link up with any of our many JT associations over the years and connect with your uniquely wonderweird TM take on the world.
      btw re the above; my brother wanted to be a tree surgeon when he was young but had to give it up – couldn’t stand the sight of sap 🙂


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