Work No. 741: The Human Condition VI

Passing relationship
Passing Relationship (The Human Condition VI )
c. Michael St.Mark 2015

Joggers, Hampstead Heath (from  2012)
Comment on 21C hectic pace of life leaving little time to “stand and stare” ( or lovingly share )
Instead, each (or one ) individual pursuing personal ambition, affairs etc, leading to opposite
directions soon taken and before they know it they’re single again..

* 2015 Valentine’s Day special
Linkback to Work 430 from 2011; “Bouquets for Wifey”

Availability details etc TF

Latest in the long-running London Dada series; exploring various truisms and dichotomies involved in being a human being.
* @ long last trending as acceptable subject matter for expression in contemporary art.

London Dada – ” kickstARTing the 21st. C.”


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