Work No. 701; Rothko and Ruin

 Rothko & Ruin

Rothko & Ruin

c. Michael St.Mark 2014

Over-painted building site perimeter boards and passing gentleman of leisure; Bethnal Green, E. London

Latest in the TWHSTL ( they who have seen the light ) series.

Signed print edition details;


( Below ) A Rothko painting













Exit stage left…


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2 thoughts on “Work No. 701; Rothko and Ruin

  1. With snow white pins like that, this must have been one of his very few sallying -forths ( in that cute outfit at least ) of the long hot summer.
    Must prefer life indoors for some reason, can’t think why.


  2. Great pair of legs even for a guy—–I’m assuming it’s a guy I can’t always tell these days even though he’s got a beard, it could be a bearded lady!

    How wonderful to be so oblivious to how odd you look, of course he may think he’s ‘normal’ and it’s the rest of us who are strange!


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