Work 702: Eroded Freedoms 1 – Where Ticket Meets Clamp ( 1 & II )

eroded freedoms 1
Eroded Freedoms 1. Where Ticket meets Clamp
c. Michael St.Mark 2014

Cobbled side street parking restriction lines, Bethnal Green, E. London

First in a new series uncovering and highlighting the inexorable advance of restriction on personal movement commensurate with commercial exploitation of an exploding population and ever-increasing traffic congestion in the capital. Here, 21st century traffic impositions painted over where horse and carriage once cantered and paused freely.
( Doubles ( intended ) as a piece of semi abstract art in its own right )


2 thoughts on “Work 702: Eroded Freedoms 1 – Where Ticket Meets Clamp ( 1 & II )

  1. The same thought occurred here too Brianna; that of a seemingly inevitable restriction on pavement numbers in the future, especially in London where you already feel body-crushed on the sidewalk and sardined half to death on the rattlers a lot of the time.
    First sign of a trend would probably be on Oxford Street at Christmas – wouldn’t be a pleasant experience being trapped in any crowd, what to speak of a mostly non-English speaking one, for any length of time.


  2. How very surreal, a beautiful old cobbled street brought screaming into the 21st century with the dreaded yellow lines.

    I’m sure it won’t be too long before there will be restrictions on pedestrians stopping on the pavement in London, as the population continues to grow there will be no room for standing gossiping, or tables and chairs where those with the time and money can while away an hour or so quaffing a Latte and people watching for entertainment.

    Is there no where safe from regulations these days I wonder.


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